WH Briefing: No Blood from a Stone (or a Dead Baby Weasel)

We could bore you by reprinting the various IM conversations we had during today's White House press briefing, but we figure FishbowlDC (he was there!) will detail the whole thing pretty exhaustively, and without misspelling words like "releived." We will sum up:

The live White House feed included an engineer calibrating the cameras by holding up a blank sheet of paper. In the movies they call this "foreshadowing."

Despite the color calibration, Scott McClellan walked in looking vaguely green.

The cablers jumped right in on Rove -- we counted two invocations of what is wanted by both reporters and "the American people."

At the very mention of the words "Karl Rove," Scotty put his hands over his ears and shouted "LALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU."

Okay, he didn't really. Instead he again insisted that he would "love" to talk about it, but that he wouldn't comment on an ongoing investigation.

This is such utter bullshit that even Ed Chen got mad. This is like angering Mary Poppins.

In general it was less combative than yesterday, though we have never seen Scott more happy to answer a question about calling up troop reserves.

Whenever Scott falls back on how the press should stop already with the Rove questions because "you know me," we picture a nerdy little guy saying, "You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you?"

There were questions not about Rove but no one -- including most of those present -- cared.


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