WH Correspondents: The Toughest Job They'll Ever Love to Talk About

A slow news week really brings out the circle jerk instincts in the press. Not that such an instinct is ever dormant, but usually it's done in private. Today, however, it's all over the front page of the Style section, where the adorable Mike Allen somehow got White House correspondents to talk about themselves and the "dark art" of posing question to the president. We know what you're thinking: Gee, they took the bait to opine on how difficult -- and important -- their jobs are? Maybe Allen got them drunk. The Note continues the stroking: "Allen's Style piece is interesting, tart, fair, and accurate — and that is quite an achievement on such a tough topic." Hmm, yes. So impressed: We usually make lots of typos when we're only typing with one hand.

Next Question [WP]


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