WH Has Reefer Madness!

A report by the National Association of Counties has found that methamphetamine abuse is the number one problem facing local law enforcement today. Arrests "pack" jails and county resources are further stretched by "caring for children whose parents have become addicted and with cleaning up toxic chemicals left behind by meth cookers." Thank God we have a "law and order" president. And, in fact, the administration is stepping right up to the challenge by offering their help in cracking down on, uhm, marijuana use: "Federal estimates show there are 15 million marijuana users compared to the 1 million that might use meth."

Of course. Though we can't help but notice that no one has ever blown their house up manufacturing marijuana. Also, people high on grass rarely have multiple day binges of unprotected sex. (Believe us, we've tried.) And that numbers thing? You know, there sure are a lot of jaywalkers compared to people who molest children...

Sheriffs Say Meth Is Top U.S. Drug Problem [AP]


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