WH Musical Chairs

While the biggest news in the quadrennial game of WH musical chairs might be (as name-dropped in the Note) that the WP's adorable Mike Allen is leaving 1600 Pennsylvania for the more source-rich environment of the Hill and that Dana Milbank will be taking his colorful style to where color counts, there is other movement. Wonkette operatives report that WP is moving into the Allen and Milbank slots golden child Jim VandeHei (dubbed by the Washingtonian earlier this year to be "the hottest new member of the traveling press corps") and Peter Baker, veteran of both impeachment coverage and other culture wars. We also hear that the LAT's Maura Reynolds is vacating her seat in the Brady room and will be keeping Allen company down among the interns. Scott Lindlaw, of the AP, is said to be going back to Cali.

Yes, we couldn't help ourselves.


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