WH Pool Report: Barb and Prince Harry Sittin' in a Tree

Look At Them In Their Fancy ClothesIn this White House pool report, we discover the sacrifices that the Bush family is willing to make in order to strengthen alliances in the War on Terror:

The prince joked that much the was was afoot with respect to his son and one of the Bush girls - he didn't say which. "It seems to be an entirely hereditary feature."
And we thought this talk of "the Bush dynasty" was just a metaphor.

Full report after the jump.

From: White House Press Releases

Date: Nov 2, 2005 8:39 PM

Subject: POOL REPORT #1, 11/2/05

To: WH Press Releases

POOL REPORT #1, 11/2/05: Social Dinner in Honor of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall

Dinner - you have the menu - was served in the State Dining Room, with after dinner entertainment slated for the East Room.

Bush was seated beside Camilla, who was to his right, wearing a black skirt and top with buttons down the front with some sort of silvery beaded work along the front and a long, thin jeweled necklace - presumably diamonds but who knows? The president's mother, Barbara, was also at his table.

Prince Charles was seated at an adjacent table, with Laura Bush to his left and Nancy Reagan to his right. To Laura's left was Bush 41. Laura wore an off the shoulder gown that was a sort off cognac-rust colored

affair. Earth-toned.

Condoleezza Rice was seated at the same table, appropriately enough, with Alabama native Chuck Leavell, keyboardist for the Rolling Stones. To Condi's left was DC Mayor Anthony Williams.

At another table, Jill Horner, who accompanied Cellist Yo-Yo Ma to the dinner, was seated - Ms. Horner that is - to the left of Sec-Def Rumsfeld.

Bush gave the first toast, standing at a podium, the large portrait of a pensive Lincoln gazing over his shoulder. You might want to check these quotes against the transcript, but here is a rush version.

"Your visit is a reminder of the unique and enduring bond between the United Kingdom and the United States," Bush said in a business-like and humorless toast.

"We have no better friend than the United Kingdom," said Bush, adding that the two countries, having together faced down the facism of Nazi Germany during World War II, were now standing "side by side" in a

battle against "hatred and intolerance."

Charles followed and was more effusive, opening by recognizing what was, in effect, an international coming out for him and his second wife of seven months.

"What a joy it is for both my wife and myself to be with you here in the White House," Charles said, going on to recall his first visit to the White House, when he said he and his sister stayed as a guest of President Nixon's in 1970.

"At the time when the media were busy trying to marry me off to Tricia (sp?) Nixon."

The prince joked that much the was was afoot with respect to his son and one of the Bush girls - he didn't say which. "It seems to be an entirely hereditary feature."

Charles went on to quote Churchill on the subject of American hospitality toward British visitors, then turned to the long traditions binding the two countries.

"We share so much - history and tradition (I think), language and culture and a committment to democracy and liberty."

He mentioned the shared "horror" of the 9/11 attacks and the summer bombing in London.

And he paid tribute to the late Rosa Parks, saying "on the day Rosa Parks is laid to rest there is a powerful message I think here about tolerance and inclusion that has relevance to the whole international community."

Charles closed with a personal tribute to Bush, saying that "Truly the burden of the world rests on your shoulders."

Bob Deans


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