WH Pool Report Mummichog Mystery Solved

MUMMICHOG2You may recall that the Earth Day White House pool report ended on a mysterious note:

    Staff then hustled the pool out. The word "mummichog" (sp?) was overheard as the pool crunched over the salt marsh. Apparently, the president's Earth Day event is to remain secret. Staff promised details; they did not materialize.

    On our way out, [Chief of Staff Andy] Card said loudly, "Mummichog. Mummichog." Could be code. Who knows.

We had enjoyed believing "mummichog" was slang for a deviant sexual act (you know us), though it seemed more likely to be the name for some piece of Ikea furniture. . . a dining room table shaped like a tree stump, perhaps. But, whaddya know: It's fucking fish.

WH Pool Report: Mummichog Edition [Wonkette]

Mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus) [Cornell University]


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