WH Pool Report: Official-Looking Pin Edition

This White House pool report comes from someone who didn't feel like sharing.

After President Bush concluded his remarks in Topeka, he turned and greeted members of his cabinet. Pool journalists were ushered to vans in the motorcade. The vans began to pull out when a security agent began running behind the final van in the motorcade, waving for it to stop. I alerted the driver, and he slowed down. With the van barely stopped, three men frantically jumped in. Other vehicles in the motorcade had pulled around a corner, and as the three men crammed into the van, a photographer yelled: "Hurry up! We've gotta go!"

With the men stuffed into their seats, the van drove off and turned into an alley behind the platform from which Bush had spoken. The motorcade had stopped there. Bush, taking pictures with well-wishers, was not ready to leave just yet.

A security agent knocked on the van's door and told the men they could get into their courtesy van. The driver told me that the three men were Kansas' secretary of state, attorney general and U.S. Representative Dennis Moore. I did not recognize any of the men, though they all wore suits and some sort of official-looking pin.



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