WH Pool Report: Uhm, Yeah, You Have Fun with That Dave, Edition

This White House pool report is written entirely in AA BB CC rhymes. Guess someone got a little bored. We look forward to the next pooler's attempt to top this, which we're hoping will take the form of iambic pentameter. Or at least a limerick. Also: Nice reference to W. being "wet."

Pool Report #3

July 20, 2004

St. Louis to Andrews

There was no news aboard Air Force One,

After it left the tarmac at six-fourty-one.

No news, I say, save for the President's sweat,

Which soaked his shirt, hoo-boy was he wet.

No official, tall or small, came back to spin,

'Til McClellan drifted by with this little thing.

Turns out that when the 9/11 commissioners visit 1600 on the 'morrow,

They will meet no C-in-C, to their sorrow

"Just Judge Gonzales and Condi,'' said Scott,

Though the next day they return for the POTUS photo-op.

With that guidance we went into descent,

Our stories filed, our color sent.

The big plane landed at nine-twenty-two,

And disgorged its tired, cranky little crew

Yet as we wandered into that good night,

One hundred and four days remained to re-witness the fight.

David E. Sanger

NY Times


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