WH Pool Report: Wake Up, Maggie

Today's White House pool report on the nomination of Margaret Spellings for Education Secretary lets slip Spellings' real qualifications for the job: She once turned down Karl Rove for a date. Presumptive Person of the Year (oh, we love the fake drama of that!) told reporters "that when they were both single in the early 1980s he asked her for a date and she turned him down 'brutally.'" The report continues: "'It has taken my ego decades to recover,' he joked. Ha-ha. "Joked." Sure, his ego recovered. . . after spent two months sitting his bedroom listening to joy division singles and drinking cough syrup.

And if she'd have said yes, she'd be Secretary of State by now.

Full report after the jump.

From: White House Press Releases [mailto:Press.Releases@WhiteHouse.Gov]

Sent: Wednesday, November 17, 2004 11:35 AM

Subject: POOL REPORT #1, 11/17/04

Pool report

Bush nomination of Margaret Spellings

A touching nomination scene in the Roosevelt Room as Bush announced his choice of Margaret Spellings for Education Secretary. Bush introduced Spellings, who also worked for him in Austin, as an “energetic reformer.” After his comments Spellings gave Bush a pat on the back and kiss before making remarks. Near the end of her comments she visibly choked up as she talked about educating children.  She then gave the president another kiss and they exited the room. Those in the room included the rumored man of the year Karl Rove, who conceded that Margaret dealt him a rare defeat in life. Rove said that when they were both single in the early 1980s he asked her for a date and she turned him down “brutally” he recalled. “It has taken my ego decades to recover,” he joked. Rove said he first met Spellings when they worked  on Texas gubernatorial campaign of Bill Clements in 1982. (Clements lost his reelection bid that year) Rove later introduced Spellings to Bush when he was running for governor. At the time she was working on Texas School Boards Association. Bush asked her to work on his campaign and then hired her on his staff when he was elected in 1994. Rove called Spellings an “incredible, special person. She has a passion for education ” (but not apparently for Rove)

Bennett Roth

Houston Chronicle


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