WH Pool Reports: Blame Bloggers

The annual MSM piece on White House pool reports is up today, this time with a wacky new "blogger" angle. Essentially, the concern is that wide-spread access to these tossed-off squibs is, well, it's like letting a blogger into the briefing room! We're ruining the integrity of the pool report! We're responsible for reporters "pulling punches"! And "[stomping] all the fun out of it"!

And they're right! Prior to all this "access," Scott McClellan was handing out detailed schematics for the invasion of Syria! Ari once revealed where they recharge Karl Rove! And as for "fun"? Well, Mike McCurry used to do keg stands with Johnny Apple... and who can forget snorting rails off of DeeDee Myers' tits?

Fucking bloggers ruin everything.

Bloggers Parse Pool Reportage On Bush Doings [WSJ]

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