WH Press Room Due for Slow, Dull, Not Very Heartwarming Makeover

No indoor plumbing? Ratty carpets? Mice? The New York Times weighs in on the coming White House press room renovation and the potential for government censorship via home improvement it poses: "A makeover would take months, requiring journalists to move to temporary quarters, most likely next door...But in a town where proximity is power...the fear is that once the press moves out, the project will become mired in construction delays." Months!? Put Extreme Home Makeover on this job, and we could have a totally renovated White House in just seven days! Complete with a backyard Jacuzzi and a special "theme" master bedroom for George designed by Ty Pennington. ("I know George is really, really into pursuing a forward strategy of freedom and democracy in the Middle East, so I made him this king-sized four-poster bed out of oil drums and subsonic cruise missiles!") Best of all? Sears would pick up the entire bill! Too bad the heartland hates Hollywood so much. Things would be so much better if reality TV producers ran the country.

How Run Down is the Briefing Room? [NY Times]


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