WH State Dinner: Guess Who Isn't Coming?

ThedownshirtoppositeofupskirtYes, we're as impressed with the Drudge-gotten WH guest list as you are. We're particularly impressed with this handsome couple: "Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, and Thomas Abraham, Councilman-at-Large, Sugar Land, Texas." Guess Gannon wasn't available, huh?

Drudge reads the east India tea leaves and notes that Rove is absent from the guest list. We think this is probably some scheduling snafu; if they were shunning Karl, we don't think they'd be subtle. Not inviting someone to dinner? Oooooh, next thing you know you'll be served last at high tea! That's the kind of pussy "payback" we'd expect from a Kerry administration. We'll believe that Rove is being punished when they find him bound and gagged on Pennsylvania Avenue with a light stick up his ass.

ROVE-LESS?: Guest List of White House State Dinner... But Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is 'in' [Drudge]

Centerpieces of trumpeting elephants made of green button mums along with floral blankets of Hot Lady roses [Reuters]


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