karlrove.jpgWhile Scooter Libby is the odds-on favorite in Vegas, Rove hasn't quite left the roulette table yet. What about conspiracy on his end, and what about those 4 1/2 grueling hours under Fitzgerald's lamp on Friday? Tom Maguire at Just One Minute blogged yesterday:

Quickly - Rove is in trouble. He testified for too long to be simply clearing up a few loose ends. On the other hand, Department of Justice guidelines discourage prosecutors from bringing in witnesses they plan to indict without warning them first. Hence, I am handicapping the probability of a Rove indictment as about 50%, or a shade higher.

But Dana Milbank at WaPo spotted Rove "rais[ing] his eyebrows and smil[ing]" as he exited the courthouse with attorney Robert Luskin. (The dancing pink condom troupe outside wasn't that funny.) 50% seems a touch much, unless doughboy managed to Blackberry his 7-figure jail memoir contract with Putnam on the way to the Jaguar.

Rove on the Bubble, Libby in Trouble [Just One Minute]

A Day of Questioning, More Questioning and...No Questions [WaPo]


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