What All the Fashionable Bloggers Are Wearing This Year

Hey, did you know that the whole CBS-memos-are-fake story was broken by bloggers? It's true! Apparently, "blogger" is short of "person who writes a blog" and they sit around in their underwear and foam at the mouth whenever Dan Rather comes on the television. (We thought we were the only ones!) This, according to Jonathan Klein, a former "60 Minutes" executive who last week told Fox News that "Bloggers have no checks and balances. ... (It's) a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas." Well, that's not exactly right. And leave it to one of those barely-dressed "bloggers" to fact-check his ass and find out what all the major bloggers are really wearing. . .

Millionaire socialist Katrina vanden Heuvel: Tin foil hat; pannier hoops, skirt and bodice of vintage peach jacquard silk with scatter beads & ribbon roses

Donald Luskin: Krugman Truth Squad union suit, Anti-stalker GPS monitoring anklet

Andrew Sullivan: White leather beaded wedding dress with matching jacket & Morticia train

Josh Marshall: Milla Jovanovich unisex Joan of Arc mail suit with flattering shoulder pads & Teflon jodhpurs

One small quibble: Underneath that suit of armor, Josh does wear a Princeton sweatshirt. Just FYI. (Also, we prefer boyshorts to briefs.)

Blogs Take Lead Role In CBS Memo Furor [Investor's Business Daily/Yahoo]

PAJAMAGATE [Beautiful Atrocities]


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