What America Needs Is Lower Taxes On Its Nonexistent Income

  • President Obama will fix the crushing economic woes facing America's middle class with TAXCUTSTAXCUTSTAXCUTS. He will announce this in his first State of the Union address. [ABC News]
  • Toyota has stopped production and sales on its eight most popular models, due to the "sticking gas-pedals of death" problem. [Washington Post]
  • Everyone in Haiti is screwed, but children get an extra dose of Sad. [New York Times]
  • CNN Poll Shocker: Survey finds that writing billions of dollars directly to the financial sector, which magically turned into bonuses for wealthy bankes, did not help the middle class, in the middle class's opinion. [CNN]
  • Happier news from Haiti: A man was stuck under a collapsed building for TWO WEEKS and was finally pulled from the rubble, dehydrated but alive. [Fox News]
  • Quirky indie carmaker Saab has found lasting love with a wealthy Dutchman. [BusinessWeek]

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