What Do You Call One Journalist Going to Jail?

Craig Crawford would like to see Matt Cooper chained up. To each his own, we suppose, but it's the reasoning that really gets us:

I want him to go to jail. We need this. Americans must see a reporter in handcuffs to understand what is happening to the freedom of the press. He should do a Martha Stewart and immediately volunteer to go to a minimum security facility where there will be no issue about his safety. And he should insist on a perp walk to the squad car. That picture will be as provocative and illuminating as the brave soul standing before the tank in Tiananmen Square.
It is true that since Martha Stewart so bravely faced the pokey there has been a public outcry against infringing on the freedom of inside traders. But we worry: Other journalists have gone to jail under similar circumstances and if you can name them you are probably more confident than we are that Cooper's imprisonment would help the First Amendment's cause.

Besides, we're just happy to see Judy go.

Matt, Do The Perp Walk [Crawford's List]

UPDATE: Dude, he might actually go: "Prosecutor Demands Time Reporter Testimony" [WP]


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