Hooray for Hillary -- she won Texas and Ohio yesterday but made absolutely no inroads into Obama's insurmountable pledged delegate lead! What's next? According to everyone's favorite senior adviser Harold Ickes, pledged delegates don't matter, because they are not bound and will vote for Clinton when Obama is revealed to be behind 9/11 & terror.

But isn't it kind of a de facto thing, Harold?:

On a conference call with reporters, Clinton aide Harold Ickes noted that pledged delegates aren't formally bound to vote for the candidate they're elected to support.

"That binding rule was knocked out in 1980," he said. Ickes didn't actually suggest that the Clinton campaign would court pledged delegates, something they've disavowed; he just stated the rule.

Perhaps recognizing how dick a statement that was, Harold Ickes then played the "Harold Ickes Card," which is blaming potential dickness in the future on known dick Mark "Bowser" Penn: "I'm not going to make any predictions. I'll leave that up to Mark."

You see, Mark Penn is "bad cop," and everyone else in the Clinton campaign is "good cop." So when Hillary gets Florida and Michigan's delegates seated, then steals the rest of Obama's delegates, in effect destroying the country, everyone will blame it on Mark Penn but still love Hillary. Do you buy it?

Ickes: Pledged, but not bound [Ben Smith]


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