What Fresh Hell Is This?

  • There's no hot sexy sex in the Paterson scandal(s), but nonetheless it is causing a wave of staff resignations and speculation about the governor's own longevity in office. [Buffalo News]
  • A man in a business suit calmly walked into the lobby of the Pentagon -- just four blocks from the domicile of an easily offended Wonkette reader! -- and opened fire, just like in The Matrix. [Washington Post]
  • The House Foreign Affairs Committee decided that the Armenian genocide was an actual genocide, but that won't stop Turkey from trying to be nice to the Armenians, 100 years later after they were genociding their asses. [Reuters]
  • A "food" flavoring agent found in popular creamy "food" items such as salad dressing and chip dip may kill you due to salmonella. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Kathleen Sebelius called a bunch of insurance industry executives on the carpet for raising premiums when the Administration was thisclose to handing them millions of healthy new subscribers. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • "Massive methane release" equals comedy, the end. [TG Daily]

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