What If ... Teabaggers Took Over the Funny Pages


Here is a thought experiment that requires a number of unlikely assumptions. What if Tea Party people had any artistic abilities, instead of being perhaps the most artistically challenged people in History? What if lots of Americans still got a Sunday newspaper and enjoyed a collection of witty, well-drawn comics such asPeanuts and Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side? And what if, somehow, the Tea Party people took over the comics syndicates and filled America's beloved Sunday Funnies with a bunch of ham-handed racist troglodyte fringe-right idiot nonsense?

Our favorite American* political cartoonist, "Kelly," is sometimes hired to do cartooning projects for other publications. And today, under his nom de plume "Ward Sutton," he has a bunch of terrible Teabagger Funnies in the Boston Globe. Go and look at them, for Freedumb! [Globe.com]

* Kate Beaton is our favorite North American cartoonist, because of NAFTA.


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