What Is A Rumor We Are Always Happy to Pass On?

More observations on the what-passes-for-celebrity-in-this-town Jeopardy, this from a tipster whose identity and reliability are unknown:

    Al Franken and Alex Trebek got into a shouting match: "You want a piece of me?"

    Anderson Cooper called himself "an idiot" during his game.

    Bob Woodward so slow and stiff--health issues? MS? Painkillers? There was a Deep Throat joke exchange between Alex and Bob.

    NO ONE seemed to know the geography questions. [Sort of disheartening, but go on. . . - Ed.]

    Maria Bartiromo: quiet, none too bright, her opening answer to Alex's questions about finance convoluted. . . terrible player.

    Ari Fleisher--charming, smart--gay rumors about him? [OK, you talked us into it . . . - Ed.] He comes from a Democrat family, became a Republican. . . . so perhaps he can go from gay to straight as well. [Not the most compelling evidence -- it's not like he calls men "pretty" -- but we'll take it. - Ed.]

What Is the Event We Hoped Would Include Matt Yglesias? [Wonkette]


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