What Is The Second Amendment Coming To When North Dakota Nazi Guy Can't Even Terrorize His Neighbors With Guns?


It is a sad day for the Constitution, lovingly written by Jesus and handed to some white dudes who owned some other dudes what were not white (for freedom), six thousand years ago, when He made the world. But why is it sad? Because Craig Cobb, the beloved White Power guy who wants to take over the town of Leith, North Dakota,got arrested just for following people around town with his weapon, "terrorizing" them.

"Craig Cobb and Kynan Dutton approached myself and Lee Cook with a shotgun and rifle in hand," says [some guy Greg] Bruce. "I took photographs, they walked around town twice, they followed Miller Ferry home, scared her with a shotgun and rifle in hand and we called 911. The Grant County Sheriffs came out with the two deputies, John Foss and Derrick and took them into custody, handcuffed them."

What kind of battered, chapped old pussies are "terrorized" just by neo-Nazis following them around with rifles? Openly carried weapons are not a threat until the moment someone is murdered with them, and not a second earlier.

We imagine that someone, somewhere, is currently decrying the ARGLE BARGLE UNCONSTITUTIONALITYNESS of a man getting arrested just for wavin' his guns around yeehaw and following ladies around with them, when obviously it is totally protected behavior and nothing against the law about it, but we don't like those corners of the Internet.

Before his arrest, Cobb texted the Bismarck Tribune to explain that he was just doing some community-oriented public service in the George Zimmerman tradition:

"Because of the many violences (sic) and harassments against we (sic) and the children, we have commenced armed patrols of Leith."

That didn't work out so great; no telling whether Cobb will still go ahead with his plan to name some part of his property the "Adolph Hitler Pvt. Park of Leith." Cobb had better be careful about naming anything after Adolph Hitler, a known proponent of gun control, because that could seriously cost him support among open-carry advocates.

[KUMV, via RawStory / Bismarck Tribune ]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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