What Makes Bobby Run? (Part 1)

An on-going look at solving the mystery of Bob Novak's bullshit.

Possible explanation: "I thought that was an unacceptable questioning of my integrity. I overreacted." (Novak)

Our take: Dude, you were on "Crossfire" for twenty years. What integrity?

Possible explanation: "I would hope he was just trying to be funny and I took it the wrong way." (Novak)

Our take: We would hate to see what happens when Carville was actually trying to be funny. No, really. We'd hate that.

Possible explanation: Running away from a copy of "Who's Who." (Kaus, Mystery Pollster)

Our take: We understand Lou Dobbs has the same problem with "Facts on File."

Send further explanations () as they occur to you.


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