What, No Orgies? No Occult Rituals?

'A woman offers herself as a sacrifice and the next morning she's dead?' - WonketteWe were all excited when this ABC News headline came across our Truth Wire: "Anything Goes At Interior Department." Anything? Like boy-prostitute rings in the White House and that sort of deal?

Nah, just the normal thievery and amoral plundering. "Simply stated, short of a crime, anything goes at the highest levels of the Department of the Interior," writes the department's Inspector General, who should probably avoid late-night solo drives from now on. Anyway, billions and billions of dollars worth of oil leases have been given to the oil companies since 2001. Surprise, surprise.

Please don't bother us again until you've got the pictures of Cheney gnawing the hearts out of orphans and a black-robed Bush masturbating under the Giant Owl statue. Thanks.

'Anything Goes' at Interior Department [ABC News]


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