What Poo Is Dribbling From Tucker Carlson's Mouth Today?

What do Reverend Jeremiah Wright, "controversial leftist priest" Father Michael Pfleger, and "the brother of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers" have in common? Well, a certain young Socialist ACORN once tried to get Chicago's mayor to meet with them, 25 years ago, so they could ask him (the mayor) to endorse a community organizing project, on whose advisory council they would sit, the Daily Callerbreathlessly reports. DUN DUN DUN!

You all presumably know who the Reverend Wright is. But who is this Father Pfleger fellow? Well, he is a total commie who does things like protest against rappers who denigrate women and adopts sons (all now in college, aw) despite his bishop totally telling him not to. And he once got totally mad at a Catholic Little League for excluding his school because the other kids "wouldn't have been safe" in his mostly black parish. So as you can see, he is pretty racist. And this "brother of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers," one John Ayers, what's his deal? He is such a hippie freak that they made him vice president of the Carnegie Foundation, promoting excellence in teaching. Why does Barack Obama love terrorists?

So what does Tucker Carlson have to say about this?

Hmmm, is that what the Daily Caller's story says?

“We are not seeking any city funding for our program,” Obama wrote the mayor in the 1987 letter. “[H]owever, we do seek your whole-hearted support and endorsement of our initiative. We should therefore respectfully ask that within the next three or four weeks you agree to meet briefly with a small delegation of DCP leaders and the attached list of advisory committee members to discuss our proposal and your possible support for it.”

In a followup letter to Washington’s assistant three days later, Obama again laid out his plans and attached the list of his invited advisory council.

Right, so: no.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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