What the Hell Is Rick Perry Jabbering About Now? (VIDEO)


Here's an eight-minute video of a rambling idiot talking about "lovin' on you a lil' bit" or whatever, we don't even know. New Hampshire! Politics! Cocktail hour!

According to the news wires, this video is Proof that Rick Perry is ready to "take on" Barack Obama, using a mysterious "bright line."

Rick Perry on Sunday sought to reassure GOP primary voters concerned about his wobbly presidential debate performances, saying he would draw sharp distinctions with the Democratic incumbent in televised showdowns next year.

"I'm not worried a bit that I'll be able to stand on the stage with Barack Obama and draw a very bright line," Perry said.

Rick Perry is so delusional he thinks he can "draw" another "bright line" of cocaine after he snorts all the actual cocaine. And maybe he can! Maybe the reason he's pretending to be so confident of whatever he's doing these days is because he can do magick.

Maybe Rick Perry is actually Harold and the Purple Crayon, have you conventional-wisdom diptards at Fox and Friends or Monday Night Football considered that?

All of Politics will be talking about this, tomorrow. Why? Because it's easier than talking about the insane, decades-long no-winners bloodbath revolution that is days/months away from breaking out in a couple of dozen U.S. cities, simultaneously. 2012 is coming soon! We will wish that asteroid hit us! [via 500 commenters & the YouTube]


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