What to Get the Wingnut Who Has Everything

It's not too late to buy gifts Kwanzaa! At first, we were ourselves intrigued by the new documentary available at conservativebookservice.com, "Is It True What They Say About Ann?" Because we've heard a lot about her, but most of it just isn't true! Doesn't NOT drink blood of virgins, for instance. They just have to be under 18. Anyhow, for those with a burning passion to know more about the hyperbole-spouting humanoid, this is where you'll find her life spelled out in bone-crushingly boring detail! As the blurbs advertise:

• Learn about her childhood in -- and flight from -- the suburbs

• Hear Ann talk about how her mother still sends her Easter baskets every year

• Find out about Ann’s passion for such rock bands as the Grateful Dead and the Ramones

Easter baskets and the Ramones. What a fascinating mass of contradictions.

It's also the perfect holiday remembrance for any Muslims you may have converted  at gunpoint.

Now really, we're confused by the Coulter-next-door marketing strategy here. Her current schtick of insane jingoist sells well in the red states, after all, and keeping up the vile single cell rants does not require appearing more human. However, her upcoming book -- "How Hitler Got it Right" -- should rekindle our affection for her bullseye understanding of the market.

“Is It True What They Say About Ann?” [ConservativeBookService.com]

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