What We Need Is A Twitter For Prostitutes

  • The GM-owned German car maker Opel is looking for a bailout from the German government, and looks unlikely to get it because they apparently submitted what amounted to a glossy brochure to the government instead of a serious restructuring plan. [BBC News]
  • Chinese leaders suggested that their economy might be "on the cusp of recovery." Really? [Reuters]
  • Coke plans to spend $2 billion in the thriving Chinese market, building a new plant and spending additional dollars on R&D, sales, and distribution efforts. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Holy wow! Did you know that some people use Craigslist to arrange sex hook-ups? This is the first time in the history of the classified section medium that such a noble instrument has been used to such tawdry purpose. [CNET News]
  • Congratulations, America. Your unemployment rate is now 8.1 percent -- the worst it's been since 1983. Capitalism! [Los Angeles Times]
  • North Korea has been making noises about doing more missile testing, so South Korea wisely diverted flights that go through North Korean airspace. [euronews]

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