What Will Happen in Iraq? "Que Sera, Sera"


In this afternoon's Pentagon briefing, Donald Rumsfeld engaged in a lot of what William Safire has dubbed "tautophrasal evasion." Here are some excerpts (paraphrased; we don't have a transcript yet):

"This attack was what it was..."

"If the new Iraqi government has a statement to make, they'll make it..."

Q: "Should this matter be looked into?"
A: "It it should be, it will be."

Q: "Are the Russians owed an explanation?"
A: "If someone is owed something, they will get it."

Quips to expect in future briefings: "Suicide bombers will be suicide bombers." "Insurgents, well, 'insurge' -- that's what they do."

Or maybe Rumsfeld will fall back on an old favorite of his: "Stuff happens." Who can argue with that?

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