What Will We Do With Crate of Novelty "Freedom Ticklers"?

mayormccheese.jpgVern Ehlers -- "the smartest man in Congress" and also the reddest -- is, it turns out, the man responsible for the death of "Freedom Fries" in the Congressional cafeterias, according to today's Heard on the Hill. Ehlers, as chair of the House Administration committee, has authority, apparently, over the menus of House restaurants and cafeterias. The news that Freedom Fries are back to being French was apparently noteworthy enough to bring Nancy Pelosi to levels of rhetorical power previously seen only when she's attacking Howard Dean. As her office posted on The Hill's "congress blog":

"Considering the Republican Party has based its foreign policy and homeland security strategy on the naming of fast-food items, it is shocking that they would waffle on one of their most pressing agenda points."

(Sorry -- we spared you most of the potato puns)

Of course, if the Republicans have based their foreign policy on the names of fast food items, we have to assume the Democrats have based theirs on, say, a maze found on the back of a Happy Meal Box.

Making the World Safe For Democracy, One Fry at a Time [Hill Blog]

Heard on the Hill [Roll Call]


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