What Will You Give The Wonkette Top Ten For A Basket Of Kisses?

Adorable cat in a basket

Here is Butch. I met him on my first day as a volunteer at a cat rescue in Atlanta. He was a piece of work. Still is. — from Wonkette operative Oblivias

Good morning!

I have no idea what to write here this morning, so I am just going to bless your life with the information that Tim Curry, who is the best, once covered my favorite Joni Mitchell song. The video on this isn't great, and this is a better audio version, but it's still great to see him bopping around.

I don't know why it exists, how it exists, but I am so glad it does. Though I'm a little bummed that he changed the line "Gonna rip my stockings in some jukebox dive."

Tim Curry - All I Wantwww.youtube.com

ETA: So this song is about James Taylor, which I knew because I think my mom told me at some point and it was just rattling around in the back of my head somewhere, but what I did not know is that Joni Mitchell literally did "knit him a sweater," which is an extremely enjoyable fact because every time I have ever heard that line, I have thought "Now that is a serious declaration of love right there," because damn that is a lot of work.

Anyway, here are your top ten posts of the week!

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1. Wanna Hear Something REALLY Scary?

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