Hey-o, who wants brunch? Brunch: It’s what one does in DC. But what if, just what if, on a given Saturday or Sunday, you wanted to Breakfast? You wanted to eat eggs or a bagel out, in a public location, but didn't care to wait hours to be seated, drink mimosas, discuss the latest dribble produced byMaureen Dowd or wade through a menu that has thirteen different varieties of eggs benedict? Can you “breakfast” in DC on the weekend? If paying $4 for a bowl of cereal at the Cereal Bowl is the only option, then, well, the terrorists have won again.

The answer? NO. Brunch -- generally defined as morning-midday meal involving either a breakfast or lunch item, often accompanied by vegetable-filled alcoholic cocktails -- starts at most restaurants in DC on the weekends at 9AM. Even during breakfast hours, you’re technically going out for brunch. It’s inescapable!

If you don’t care to brunch, YOU ARE NOT A BAD PERSON. Nor are you grandma-like. You do not have to move to Arizona. You can still read our blog, promise. Obviously you can eat breakfast items at brunch, but it's nearly impossible in DC to just Breakfast. To enjoy a simple, easy, no frills meal that is not served on an oddly shaped plate, with a side of cantaloupe, without alcohol and without the obligatory people watching, try a cafe or a diner:

  • Jolt 'n Bolt: This neighborhood spot may be serving you food that looks like it came from Costco, but, damn, they do a good job doing so. Breakfast options include the western omelet, bagel and egg sandwiches, and smoothies. Ask for the honey mustard sauce no matter what you get. It’s that good.
  • Dupont Market/So’s Your Mom: Next time you feel an urge to complain about how DC has no good bagels, don’t. Both Dupont Market and So's (best damn Asian/Jewish deli in DC) serve fresh, delicious bagels and egg and bagel sandwiches. Dupont Market also boasts a nice outdoor seating area.
  • Point Chaud Cafe and Crepes: Point Chaud is the ideal breakfast spot: fast service, good food, and inexpensive coffee. And, yes, we see no reason why you can't have a nutella crepe for breakfast.
  • Pica Taco: Mmmmm breakfast burritos. Their breakfast burritos are huge, stuffed with cheese, eggs, beans, and meat, and are delicious and cheap.
  • U Street Cafe/ Big Bear Cafe: Both U Street Cafe and Bear Bear Cafe are known for their extensive coffee selections -- the French press coffee at Big Bear may just be the best in city. The menu at U Street Cafe is nothing to write home about, which is exactly what we're looking for. It includes eggs, bacon, omelets, and waffles. Big Bear also serves simple breakfast items including egg and bagel sandwiches and yogurt parfaits; be warned that the food is pricey here.
  • American City Diner:Cereal, eggs, pancakes and waffles are served all day at this diner, where instead of getting a mimosa, which isn't even on the menu (!), you can treat yourself to a malt.

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