Whatever Happened To Those NOBAMA Hillary Fanatics, Anyway?

Whatever Happened To Those NOBAMA Hillary Fanatics, Anyway?

For a few weeks after Obama won the nomination, the biggest story in politics was about the Hilltards -- strangely fanatical middle-aged white women who would support theRepublican candidate rather than the Democratic nominee, because, uh, the Democratic nominee had disrespected Hillary Clinton by, uhm, winning a political race against her. Also, he's black. What happened to those people?

Were they just another speck on the radar of time that was inexplicably chosen by the national media as the cause du jour, much as the national media has inexplicably decided some creepy sunken-eyed bald wingnut serial liar unlicensed tradesman is the perfect embodiment of working-class Americans fooled into voting against their own economic interests?

They, these women, aligned under the banner of "PUMA," which charmlessly stood for "Party Unity My Ass." There were several dozen of them leaving idiot ALL CAPS comments on every political blog, so obviously there were 18 million of them, which is the number of votes Hillary accumulated in the primaries.

And with the selection of a right-wing whack job who was so anti-women that she gleefully charged Alaskan rape victims for the forensic tests required to prosecute the rapists, McCain was going to secure the votes of these 18 million Democratic primary voters -- these special people who don't vote based on their party or politics or personal beliefs or anything beyond the presence of a vagina somewhere on the ticket.


Well, we found them, the NOBAMA gals. Here is their progress report:

We need to ask for your help. We’re putting together a canvassing trip into Ohio this coming weekend to bring what we hope will be about 70 DeMcCrats for McCain and Young Republican supporters into Ohio to canvass for McCain/Palin in the Buckeye state. We’re still short of what we need to rent buses for this trip, and cover the accommodations and costs for our volunteers while there. We’re also buying as many DeMcCrats for McCain and other McCain/Palin buttons and stickers to hand out in Ohio as we can. This is a bipartisan effort here in Chicago — and the biggest push we’ve ever made for canvassing. It’s a long ride from Illinois to Ohio, and the bus is expensive. We’ve all scraped together what we can, but need help covering the rest.

We’re putting everything we’ve got into this effort — there literally will be no Chirstmas presents for anyone we know this year because it’s all going to winning this election. We believe in McCain/Palin and think they are what’s best for America, so we’re doing all we can to win on November 4th. But, we do truly need your help.


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