Whatever, Mitt Romney, It Is Your Birthday, Now Go Suck An Egg

Whatever, Mitt Romney, It Is Your Birthday, Now Go Suck An Egg

Whatever, Mittens Romney, it is your birthday andnobody cares. But is there someone who might ease the burden of the nation's hatred of you, by taking that burden himself? Someone who shares your X and your Y? A brother? America does love its horrible brothers, and by love, of course, we mean despise. Oh yes, there is some guy, "Scott" apparently, and how bad does he have to be if we never heard of him even once in your abysmal campaign? As bad as Neilsy? He is probably as bad as Neilsy. And now he is thinking, maybe, that the US Senate seat held by Michigan's Carl Levin might be just the right height.

(Sorry, that "joke" was bad and we feel bad.)

A state GOP official said Friday that Scott Romney, 71, is exploring his options with potential supporters. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak publicly about specific candidates.

An attorney, Scott Romney lost the 1998 nomination for attorney general at the Michigan Republican Party's convention. One of his ex-wives, Ronna, ran for the Senate in 1996 but lost to Levin.

Is there anyone in the extended Romney clan who is not a two-time loser? That was a trick question, of course there isn't.

Right anyway happy birthday and stuff, we don't even love you enough to make you a Blingee.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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