What's New With Edward Snowden, Globetrotting International Fugitive?

What's New With Edward Snowden, Globetrotting International Fugitive?

Does anyone have any idea what's going on with the slow-motion international manhunt for Edward Snowden? We certainly won't pretend we know what's going on; this would be a hell of a lot easier to make sense of if he'd had the decency to drive a white Ford Bronco.Latest reports have him stuck in the International Stateless Hero/Traitor Lounge at the Moscow airport, whence he may depart for Ecuador... maybe via Benghazi, Cuba? A plane left a short while ago for Havana, but he was apparently not on it. All we know for sure at this point is that if you want to figure out where Snowden is, you'll need to be more specific than just googling "international manhunt." Hubba hubba.

So in the grand tradition of Journamalistic Indecision, we will leave it up to You, the Reader. If you cross your eyes just right, Ed Snowden looks like whatever you want him to be, depending on how much you hate the government and its semi-secret surveillance programs. Is he sacrificing his freedom for the greater good of calling attention to the surveillance state, a huge hypocrite for running to countries that are many orders of magnitude more authoritarian than the US, or a canny trickster who is playing by his own weird rules? And is there any hope of separating "What do we think of Edward Snowden?" from "What do we do about this crazy surveillance bureaucracy that we've allowed to develop?"

Haha, do not be RIDICULOSE, this is now an argument about a guy and whether he is worse than Hitler because Glenn Greenwald likes him. It's easier to have opinions about a guy.

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