What's On Mike Pence's Chin?

washjournal.gifWatching C-SPAN at 8 a.m. is not generally our idea of a good time. But occasionally, it's totally 100% worth it. Today was one of those days.

A Republican from Dallas, TX calls up C-SPAN to chat with a couple elected officials. But he has a quick question: what's on Mike Pence's chin?

You really, really, really need to see it for yourself. Bring up today's Washington Journal and skip to 58:00 or so. But for those of you lacking RealPlayer, a partial transcript is after the jump.

CALLER: Also, uh, Representative Pence, what's that on your chin? Uh, it looks like there's something on you're chin, there, uh... oh -- it's Karl Rove's ball-print.

HOST (immediately): Um, Representative Castle, uhm... tell us what you think... about the first part of this question having to do with spending.


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