What's This About Beating Your Wife, John McCain?

Everyone knows that John McCain hates his wife and calls her a "cunt" almost all the time. Everyone also knows that John McCain is a famous comedian, which is why his best friend is Jon Stewart, from television. And that's why he made a "wisecrack" yesterday about beating up his wife in Las Vegas. Ha ha, because if he actually did beat up his wife, his chances of becoming president would be limited!

Jon Ralston of the Las Vegas Sun was interviewing our friend WALNUTS! yesterday about our other friend, Great Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevada, leading to the following exchange:

(On why he didn't choose Gov. Jim Gibbons to chair his Nevada campaign?)

I appreciate his support. As you know, the lieutenant governor is our chairman.

(Why snub the governor?)

I didn’t mean to snub him,. I've known the lieutenant governor for 15 years and we've been good friends….I didn't intend to snub him. There are other states where the governor is not the chairman.

(Maybe it's the governor's approval rating and you are running from him like you are from the president?)

(Chuckling) And I stopped beating my wife just a couple of weeks ago….

What does that Joke even mean? That John McCain trying to keep his distance from President Bush/Jim Gibbons is about as likely as him beating up his wife recently? Well for shame. We want a president who continues beating up his trollop wife IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

(For the record: yes, John McCain was riffing on an Old Joke.)

Transcript of McCain interview [Las Vegas Sun]


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