WHCA Awards, New and Improved

Quick, what's the purpose of the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner? Is it

a) An excuse for the largest gathering of Ann Taylor black dresses outside a warehouse?

b) To give famous-for-DC types a shot a mingling with B-list famous-for-famous types?

c) A reminder that all Presidents can be tolerably not unfunny if given the right material?

d) To honor the nation's most prestigious and hardest-working journalists, the White House press corps?

It's D! Ha-ha, funny because it's true! This year's winners were Susan Page, Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, and Ron Fournier, but we're pretty sure they're the only ones who noticed. Congratulations.

We think the nation's most insular group of journalists deserve better than the nation's most insular awards. Thus, we announce the inaugural edition of the Wonkette Inside the Bubble Washington Journalism Awards. Categories include but are not limited to: Best Pool Report, Best (and Worst) Hair, Least Desirable Green Room Companion, Best Presser Question, and the Jeff Gannon Memorial Worst Presser Question.

Complete list of categories and an official call for nominees to come later today. Finalists announced Friday. Winners announced the day before the dinner. Put your hard passes on and get thinking.

UPDATE: We are happy to accept ideas for categories and unofficial nominees immediately. Send them to


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