WHCA Dinner: Bloomberg Party Blow-Back

Invites have gone out and reports are trickling in about who got bumped from this year's guest list at the Bloomberg WHCA Dinner after-party (you think Bloomberg would be kinder to wire service kids!), but we were surprised to learn from the party organizers that the predicted storm of protests is really more of a whimper. "But I went last year"-level whining rather than the more forceful "Do you KNOW WHO I AM?"-type hollering. Perhaps Kerry made the first cut after all. Judith Czelusniak, the B'berg person who has taken over party planning reins from longtime queen bee Chris Taylor, may be new on the job but she deserves better. When calling or emailing to beg for placement, remember that

1) Flattery will get you nowhere.

2) She has no idea who you are.

How small is the guest list this year? Maybe this year maybe people notice when David Brooks and Wolfowitz show up in the same dress.


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