WHCA Dinner: Ladies and Gentlemen, Set Your TIVOs

If the WHCA Dinner is our Oscars, then it makes sense for C-SPAN to be our E! C-SPAN sources confirm that, for the first time, Washington's favorite cable channel will be covering the "red carpet" entrance live, meta-broadcasting the unexpurgated version what "Access Hollywood" and "Entertainment Tonight" will whittle down into a montage of Jane Fonda and that supermodel Whatsherface.

We heard that the SPAN was originally going to do a whole "Joan and Melissa" thing, with Steve Scully and Brian Lamb earnestly asking Ann Compton and the junior spokeswoman for the House Committee on Whatever, "Who are you wearing?" But how many times can you hear -- let alone see -- "Ann Taylor" before before you poke your eyes out with a shrimp fork?

Complete sked after the jump. FWIW, Wonkette will be one of the B-listers roped into commenting on whole sad affair, right there with Ron Silver. Hey, they pre-empted "America and the Courts" for this, people.

From: XXXXXXXX@c-span.org

Subject: RE: Prom

Date: April 28, 2005 11:58:04 AM EDT

LIVE beginning at 6pm - Guest arrival at the red carpet. (we will be watching the guests as they arrive. In typical C-SPAN style, we will provide our audience with the scene... not doing any interviews...just watching and listening. Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and others will also be in the red carpet arrival area...they will do their own interviews. We'll just be watching)

Around 7:30 or so we are airing a taped discussion on Hollywood and Politics with Ron Silver, Jeff Greenfield, etc.

Around 9pm we'll re-air some highlights from the red carpet arrival...

Program begins at 9:30 w/ Pres. Bush, Cedric the Entertainer and others.


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