WHCA Dinner: Stop Hurting America

Last week, CNN honcho Jon Klein dared Washington journalists to "cancel" the White House Correspondents dinner and "instead spend that time and energy creating standards--and enforcing them--for those who would call themselves White House correspondents." Great idea, Flanders. But you know, four hours on a Saturday night? We could still drink, right? And is that really enough time -- or energy -- to create standards For Those Who Would Call Themselves White House Correspondents? We have a more modest suggestion: Rather than one night dedicated to such a nobel cause, how about thirty minutes every week day? You could devote a whole show on CNN to it! Surely, there's room in the schedule since you cancelled "Crossfire" in January.

Wait. You did cancel "Crossfire," didn't you? Because it's still on.

CNN ready to call cease-fire on 'Crossfire' [Chicago Sun-Times]

CNN's Klein: A Modest Proposal [FishbowlDC]


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