WHCA Dinner: The B-List Gets a Plus (One)

We hear that Serena Williams (guest of Bloomberg) has a date for the WHCA Dinner: Her sister, Venus. This is either a huge scoop or a testament to the shallowness of the DC dating pool. Of course, it doesn't help matters that not-really-that-eligible bachelor Jake Tapper (ABC) is using the event to have an eyebrow-raising contest with fellow fake news correspondent Stephen Colbert (Daily Show). "Just friends," Jake? We know a man-date when we see one. Then again, if you promise to share...

Fishbowl DC has been collecting data on other invitees. (Also known as: More than you ever wanted to know about why you weren't invited.) Wake us when the Bloomberg starts.

UPDATE: Tapper lives with his girlfriend, okay? We were being coy, but not because he's "that way." So stop bugging us, Choire.

UPDATE UPDATE: Panda-killer Colbert is simply married.


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