WHCA Elections: Red State v. Blue State v. Ann Compton

It's time for White House Correspondents Association board elections! Wheeee! Post-prom, all our favorite press nerd channel their inner Tracy Flick and run to head the organization that famously does not much at all. However, the coming year does not promise the kind resume-shining naptime of previous terms: There's the renovation of the briefing room and, of course, what to do about the bloggers. Also, who's gonna pose for the calendar now that Guckert's gone?

Anyhow, we hear that this year's perkiest nominee is ABC radio newser Ann Compton, who is running for both President and At-Large representative. Ballsy! She faces a possible challenge in the form of LAT's Ed Chen, who is being championed as a write-in candidate but is apparently reluctant to take on the job, possibly because he's too busy working.


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