WHCD Bloomberg After-Party Schemes: Time to Play the Feud!

We don't often get a chance to completely rip off our older yet more flighty sibling, Gawker. But for once, we've got some blind gossip items, and that means it's time for Page Six NYT Family Feud! Jenny Lee provided the questions, you provide the answers! Or guesses. Or mean jokes. Really, we're just looking for content here. Send your nominations for the identities of the Bloomberg uninviteds mentioned in today's NYT article to

They said:

Which two architects of the invasion of Iraq were stopped at the party's door and had to call inside for reinforcements to get them past the bouncers?

Which very important correspondent for a major newsweekly sheepishly called up before the big event, wondering if his invitation had gone astray?

Which two Wall Street Journal reporters lingered outside until the Treasury secretary came along, and then swept in as part of his entourage?

What do you say?

If You're Not Invited, You're Not Alone [NYT]


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