WHCD Bloomberg After-Party: Studio 54 for Wonks

The NYT has discovered the Bloomberg party. Apparently, it's "the biggest event on the Washington social scene." (Well, if you don't count the National Spelling Bee. ) But who believes the Times? We emailed Bloomberg's party czar, Chris Taylor, to ask if it's true that the soiree is "C-Span meets 'Access Hollywood' to create a nerdier stepsister of Vanity Fair's Oscar fete." We, of course, believe it to be a lavish version of a high school student council convention. But Taylor's Blackberry would not allow her to elaborate on the proper comparison; the prospect of the article generating a yet more nightmarish scene at the door may also have overwhelmed the put-upon planner. All we got was a plea: "Could you write that I'm going to perform random ID checks?"

Done. (Like we'd risk getting booted off the list now.)

If You're Not Invited, You're Not Alone [NYT]

UPDATE: Chris wrote us about the comparison thing. She comes down on the nerdier stepsister side. And, uhm, is it just us or does she sound, uhm, like she might have a red pen in her hand, ready to cross off someone's name right now?

    "It is pretty star studded--red carpet--crews from Acess ET Extra CNN and still photogs from all the wires and papers."
Of course! We couldn't agree more! What we really meant was "lavish version of a high school student council convention" but with famous people! And dancing! And delicious food! And the world's only snark-appreciating PR person coordinates the whole thing!

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