We already know thatNational Review Internet overlord Kathryn Jean Lopez was none too pleased with the Washington political/media establishment's behavior at the White House Correspondents Dinner, where Barack Obama and Wanda Sykes refused to praise Rush Limbaugh for keeping America safe these past eight years. But now a deep-undercover Wonkette operative who was sitting a table over from Jonah and K-Lo's -- well within earshot -- presents us with a disturbing report of how the two "were insufferable all night long," and should never be allowed in public again.

Well, the evening started off awkwardly enough when Jonah refused to stand when Obama walked in the room. (I’ll give it to Kathryn…she may not be my favorite person, but at least she stood for the president). When BHO made reference to Michelle (which was something to the effect of, “isn’t she a great first lady?”), Kathryn and Jonah started yelling out “No!” Then Jonah started making comments about homosexuality... and the judgey tone and tenor were there.

During Wanda Sykes, they literally sat there holding their disapproving, shaking heads in their hands. I would’ve thrown my wine at them if I didn’t need it to keep my buzz going. In retrospect, I should’ve just kicked him in the nuts.

Why won't our operative simply admit that Jonah Goldberg, Rush Limbaugh and Kathryn Jean Lopez were the only three "Real Americans" keeping America safe in the eighteen months after 9/11? Instead we just have this, this "gossip."

Photo via Tintin at Sadly, No!


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