When A Woman Votes, It Is As If She Is Taking A Giant Diarrhea On The American Flag


  • The Jews have excommunicated Matt Yglesias, which means he will no longer receive the weekly newsletter. Also, he has lost his peanut butter-and-jelly challah sandwich privileges. [Matt Yglesias]

  • REDSTATE SIREN! Republican Senators are probably folding on health care! Why? For Pete's sake, they have pocket rockets! [RedState]

  • Jonah Goldberg. Born lobotomized? [True/Slant: Michael Roston]

  • Ayn Rand is considered one of America's most influential intellectuals, although almost everyone agrees that she is slightly less important than Star Wars Kid. [Hit & Run]

  • Have you pre-ordered your copy of The Case Against Female Suffrage yet? Ha-Ha. We are doomed. [Think Progress]


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