When Ann Coulter Commits Voter Fraud, She Commits Voter Fraud, Dammit

Ann_coulter_time_magazine.jpgHas it really been only five years since America's Sweetheart Ann Coulter called the voters of Palm Beach County "stupid" and "feeble-minded"? And now, poor dear, she can't even remember which precinct she's registered to vote in:

A Palm Beach poll worker says he tried to help GOP-loving pundit Ann Coulter vote in the right precinct last week. But, Jim Whited says, Coulter dashed out of the polling place when he told her she needed to file a change of address.

"I even ran out after her," he says. "But she was fast."

It is nice to see that even as Ann descends further and further into self-parody, she's still kept in fighting shape. We'd like to see some pussy liberal outrun a Palm Beach poll worker.

Poll Worker Told Coulter About Address [Palm Beach Post via Atrios]


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