When Meat Snacks Turn Deadly

  • Despite protests from Indiana pension funds and consumer advocacy groups, the sale of Chrysler to Fiat will proceed as planned. [Bloomberg]
  • A Slim Jim plant in North Carolina exploded and killed at least two workers. [AP]
  • Creigh Deeds had "a message" even if he had no money, versus Terry McAuliffe, who had oodles of money but none of that other thing ("a message," or "a soul,") and that is why Creigh Deeds won. That and the Washington Post endorsement, and the fact that people just don't much care for Clintonites anymore. [Washington Post]
  • Oh man one of the journalists arrested in North Korea was traveling on her first overseas assignment for Current TV when she got popped. [New York Times]
  • French nuclear submarines will be trolling the waters off the coast of Brazil searching for the black boxes from the crashed Air France flight. [Guardian]
  • Conservatives plan a more reasoned, diplomatic attack against Sonia Sotomayor in the confirmation process by refraining from calling her a racist, but pointing out all the many racist rulings she made while on the Second Circuit bench. [NPR]

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