* Democrats would make Tim Johnson get a brain transplant before letting Tom Daschle run again. [Election Central]

* Tom Tancredo loves guns so much he felt the need to mo-vlog about it. [Congress Blog]

* It's an open secret among shitty journalists that Ron Paul will talk to anybody. [YouTube]

* Corrupt-as-shit Justice Department thinks Ted Stevens and his frankenhouse are too corrupt to listen to. [Think Progress]

* Bill O'Reilly: didja hear he's conservative? [HuffPo]

* In Barry Hussein Obama's America, everyone can get a new liver when they need it. [Scrappleface]

* Wonkette "West Coast Bureau Chief" Ken Layne talks shit about Our Leaders on "America's Earliest Morning Show with Peter Tilden" every Thursday morning at maybe 3:20 a.m. Eastern time? ABC News & Talk Channel (SIRIUS-143 / XM-124). [KABC-AM]


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