When's State Of The Union? Where Is SOTU? Is Andrew Breitbart Still Dead? (9:00, Here, Yes)

When's State Of The Union? Where Is SOTU? Is Andrew Breitbart Still Dead? (9:00, Here, Yes)
Video Screenshot, Breitbart video on YouTube

If you were a casual reader looking at the homepage of Breitbart dot com today, you might think the site was marking the tenth anniversary of its founder's death with a big collection of eight stories about Andrew Breitbart, the Man and his Legacy.

Watch the Legacy of Andrew Breitbart All-Star Tribute

Celebrating an Icon: Dozens of Remembrances

’Breitbart Saw the Future’






And in a fitting tribute to the Great Founder, it's all a con:

Every single one of those headlines links to the same page, which contains a one-paragraph memorial blurb and an hour and 40-minute video titled "LEGACY: Andrew Breitbart in his own words and those who honor him," which strikes us as a faulty parallelism, no? The page also lists direct linkies to the individual notables in the video, so if you want to you can see what Tucker Carlson has to say about Breitbart ("one of the single funniest people I've ever met in my life, ever!") without having to fast forward past the tribute by Marco Rubio ("I never met Andrew Breitbart" but he sure was historic).

We would point you to the good stuff but we suspect there isn't any, based on enduring almost 12 minutes of it. What sort of hackery is this? The very dramatic opening is nearly a solid minute of various wingnut pols and media types saying "Andrew Breitbart!" "Andrew Breitbart!" "Andrew Breitbart!" We can't help but feel that may have been done before.

As penance for your sins, here's the full thing, for you to ignore completely! If you're feeling adventurous, you could skip to the final tribute, by a rambling insane Sarah Palin, with cinematography by a hyperactive seal to whose head Palin strapped the camera. It's like the Blair Witch Project, but scarier, because Sarah Palin is real. That's followed by a very very bad song called "American Heart," which appears to have been made for the video. Or not, you can't make us look that up.


We suppose the video might help you pass the time while you wait for Joe Biden's State of the Union speech, which Yr Editrix will livebloog tonight. That's scheduled to begin at 9:00 Eastern; our livebloog post will go up shortly before that. On the whole, we'd suggest you watch almost anything else, from vintage test patterns to Dok's current favorite goofy anime, Sasaki and Miyano, aka "Won't These Boys Ever Kiss?" (Be sure to set the audio to Japanese, the English dub is terrible.)

Oh yeah, this is also pretty much your OPEN THREAD, although we also know that the second the speech is over tonight you'll all start talking about your cats, as you are wont to do.

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